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It's All In The Detail in Paris

the socialite family mulliez paris home vespiary

In the centre of the 9th arrondissement sits this charming apartment, home to Jessica and Hugo Mulliez. A former office building re-configured for urban living, the couple fell in love with this light-filled space immediately. The use of internal windows and partition walls give their home the sense of openness while keeping separation between the different areas. 

the socialite family mulliez paris home vespiary

What we really love best about this apartment is the couple's use of decoration. The nicknacks and keepsakes dotted around the place. The little surprises that keep you looking. An eclectic mix of vases filled with dried flowers and shrubs, unusual candle sticks and bobbins of thread amongst others. 

the socialite family mulliez paris home vespiary

You can see this is a home put together over time with the couple's personalities at the forefront. Pieces picked up in flea markets and while travelling, curated with to suit this relaxed space. Somewhere that will continue to grow as they do. 

the socialite family mulliez paris home vespiary

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The information for this article & the photography are from The Socialite Family, a charming website giving you a sneak peek into the lives of European families. If you haven't visited before, we urge you to have a look.

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