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Introducing Charlotte Taylor

Vespiary would like to introduce you to Charlotte Taylor, the newest addition to our little store. 
charlotte taylor morning pool print
charlotte taylor circular steps print
    Charlotte Taylor is an artist and designer based in Paris, France. Known for her digital representation of architectural forms, her use of texture and (mostly) pastel colour create her stunning and unusual pieces. Inspired by Modernism and Postmodernism, her digital drawings of interiors and architecture are an extension of her practice creating large-scale installations.

The Paris-based artist and designer describes her approach as a combination of ‘fine art practice and design process’.  Her drawings take existing architectural forms with the addition of fictional and playful elements. 
charlotte taylor staircase in tokyo print
Charlotte Taylor The lounge print
She collects visual material from interior and design magazines combined with her own personal photography; the spaces she imagines become an amalgamation of different architectural styles, drawing much inspiration from postmodernism, brutalism, and ancient architecture. 
Vespiary has 6 limited edition prints to choose from in a range of A2 and A3 international paper sizes. 
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charlotte taylor milan print
charlotte taylor staircase in tokyo print
charlotte taylor green hallway print charlotte taylor circular stairwell print

Milan Print

Staircase In Tokyo

Green Hallway

Circular Steps

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