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An interview with founder Gemma, by The Clique Lifestyle

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When not curating the Vespiary categories or searching for antique finds, founder Gemma has the joy of working on The Clique Lifestyle. "An online resource for interior & lifestyle designers, stores and more, in Scotland." Vespiary is featured in the directory amongst some amazing other companies. They recently held an interview with Gemma and we thought you'd like to read it too.

How long have you had your company for?
We launched in June 2018 so not long at all!

What did you do before?
I worked in menswear fashion before, starting in PR and then to eCommerce, with a brief stint in digital marketing after that.

Did you always want to work in interiors?
It was a total toss-up between fashion and interiors when I left school and fashion won. But I’ve always kept an interest in interiors. I think they’re pretty connected anyway. There’s a lot of inspiration drawn from one industry to the other which keeps things exciting.

What was the inspiration for your company?

Coming from a menswear background I was drawn to a more masculine aesthetic and I was struggling to find this in interiors. Designing my own home, there wasn’t many stores focusing on this market, so I decided to make one.

How did you design your branding?

I had a designer create my icon, a play on the idea of a vespiary (wasp’s nest) with its hexagon inner and swirling lines of the exterior. I then played around with fonts and colours until I found ones I liked. Now I’m obsessed with green!

How did you get started?
I was made redundant from my marketing job which gave me the push I needed. I knew I wanted to create my own business for a while and Glasgow is a great place to do it. Things are more affordable here and the feedback you get is great. Everyone likes to support one another.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

In interiors people like Kelly Wearstler and Abigail Ahearn constantly inspire me with their unusual creations and mix of form & textiles. Business-wise Emily Weiss and Audrey Gelman have created amazing companies with a clear message and style.

Biggest challenge setting up your company?
Handling the finances! And also, not having anyone to bounce your ideas off. It can be a lonely journey sometimes.

Favourite thing about your job?
Getting to speak to the brands that are creating amazing pieces and hearing their stories.

Advice to people starting up in your industry?
Don’t feel guilty for not working 24/7. You need to rest your mind to give 100% when you are at work. It’s all about balance.

Thoughts on Scottish interiors?
There’s some amazing brands out there but I think they are overshadowed sometimes by the ‘tartan’ brigade we seem to be known for!

Dreams for the future?
I’d like to expand the team so we can start creating our own collection of Vespiary home accessories. And to ship worldwide.

Career high?
As Vespiary has just started my career high would probably be from my old job. I used to be on the team that managed the twice yearly fashion shows and it was always amazing to see your plans and hard work (and sleepless nights) come to fruition.

Favourite trend for AW18?
I love all the velvet and fur coming back in. The autumnal colour palettes are always gorgeous too.

Thanks for reading! To see more member interviews with The Clique Lifestyle have a look at their Journal.

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